Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Great work out on Aug 29

Everyone did a great job by really working on their focus.  Through proper focus, their techniques were much more power and accurate.  Keep up the hard work on "Focus".  

On Oct 7 Sunday, it is the annual youth karate competition.  It is at Kowloon Park Sport Center.  We have 8 students participating.  Three of them have been competing for their 5th times.  Please take time to go support our students and observe the other good karate students.  You will learn a lot from watching.    

Welcome Raye for trying out karate with us.  See you next Wednesday. 

Karate at Canadian International School - First Lesson

So happy to see the old and returning karate students in Canadian International School.  If you plan to come watch us, we are in Room 505.  You may need a teacher to escort you to the room because it is in a hidden corner.  

After every lesson, I will post some pictures or videos to this blog.  You will know what we have done in karate.  

Today, the most important lesson is to focus your eyes looking straight at your target.  This is the most important skill in karate and many martial arts.  It is very easy to do but students must work on it frequently to make it a habit.  

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Grading Test on Aug 26

Eight of my karate students have been working very hard in July and August.  Therefore, on Aug 26, they were taking a special grading test.  I am very glad to announce that they have all passed.  Here are the current ranks:

Janessa Pong - 7 Kyu (orange belt)
Jason Chan - 8 Kyu (yellow/black belt)
Jacqueline Chong - 8 Kyu (yellow/black belt)
Nicholas Cheung - 8 Kyu (yellow/black belt)
Christian Wong - 11 Kyu (white/yellow belt)
Luca Denton Richmond - 12 Kyu (white 2 stripes)
Nathan Lu - 12 Kyu (white 2 stripes)
Ernest Yamaguchi - 12 Kyu (white 2 stripes)

Well done.  You are all one step closer to earning your black belt.  

Focus, Focus and Focus

Karate students in Discovery College tried very hard in working on their focus.  They look straight the whole time while executing their techniques.  This is extremely important in karate.  Well done everyone.  

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sparring action from our little dragons

Kumite, the formal name for sparring in karate, is a component of karate.  It is view as the application of karate techniques.  Our students were doing some sparring and they have great courage.  I wish they have the same courage in life as they face challenge in their future.  Well done Matthew and Jason.

Good Balance Maxwell

It is so nice to see Maxwell developing good balance and body strength after 2 months of karate.  A strong body will bring you good health.  Good health helps your studying.  Maxwell earned 5 stickers after a tough karate work out.  

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Side kicks and jumping drills

Our little students were working very hard on their jumps and side kicks.  They are going to have powerful kicks soon.

Kyle has loose joints and good balance. 

Chloe has super flexible legs and co-ordination.

This is Lois' third lesson.  Way to go!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


One thing all karate students must do is to focus into looking at the target. It is essential when executing a technique. Proper focus makes techniques strong. Start working on it now.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First Lesson at Discovery College for this school year

So nice to meet all the new kids in karate. Also, glad to see my existing students returning from holiday. It was absolutely a great class today as everyone was trying very hard. Look forward to another lesson with everyone next week. See you next Tuesday.