Monday, 1 October 2018

Results for Sep 30, 2018 Grading Test

Thank you for attending the grading test on Sep 30, 2018, Sunday.  I know it was not a perfect location but I really appreciate your attendance.  This is the first time I use a score form to evaluate students' techniques and overall performance.  I believe this will help students understand what areas they are good at and what areas they need more work on.

The testing results are as follows:

Rivera Savio - White/Yellow belt
Matias Yan - White/Yellow belt
Aiden Chan - White/Yellow belt
Kiaan Malani - White/Yellow belt
Rose Browning - White/Yellow belt
Yui Ho - White/Yellow belt
Aidan Adams - White/Orange belt
Jonathan Beesley - White/Orange belt
Charlotte Beesley - White/Orange belt
Khione Cheong Sum Yuet - White/Orange belt
Harvey Yu - White/Green belt
Amber Chan - White/Brown belt
Marika Sugita - White/Brown belt
Elizabeth Yu - White/Brown belt
Sofia Wakabayashi - Yellow belt
Henry Swanson-Bell - Yellow belt
Glenna Lo - Orange belt

Congratulations to all the students above.  Keep working hard.  The next grading test is on Dec 9, 2018 in Stanley Sports Center.

See you in class.

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